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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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Imara Empty Imara

Post by Iskiea on Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:39 am

Candidate/Jr Journeywoman Healer, TORVAL WEYR
Imara Elizabeth
The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.


NICKNAMES: Immy; Mara; Ima, Echo
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Jr Journeywoman Healer


EYES: Grey
HAIR: Honey Blonde
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'6", 140lbs
BODY TYPE: Slender
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Imara is a beautiful woman; her almost ethereal beauty makes her easily stand out amongst others.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Imara's honey blonde hair falls in glorious curling waves half way down her shoulders; typically though it's pinned up into a messy bun or any other way she can keep it from her face. Her body is slender but not without womanly curves; though it is agreed most of her weight lies in her bones as she is sturdy in her foundations. Despite her ethereal and fragile appearence Imara has a strength that is greatly belied by her appearence. She is strong and has great fortitude; able to work long hard manual hours with easy. Her eyes are large and grey with an almost greenish blue tint to them in some circumstances. She moves with an uncanny grace; and weaves her way between people like a fog; undisturbed by those around them.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Typically found in a healers traditional uniform; hands stained with redwort, she still appears the ethereal beauty she is; not afraid to wear pants; often finding them more practical during her shifts than skirts. However outside of her shifts she prefers dresses and skirts that are light and airy; cinched in with a belt where needed; often layering clothes to get the effect she desires. Her choice of footwear never changes from her sturdy boots; two sets she has for work and another few to match her outfits.
FACE CLAIM: Elizabeth Hanois


    Intelligent - Imara has an intelligence much greater than her simple mother. Her intelligence allows her to learn quickly and efficiently. Her intelligence is also more than just simple smarts. She is quick to percieve and make able and sound judgements of situations ahead. Has a great deal of understanding for what needs to be done and a great deal of common sense.
    Patient - Her mother was never one of great intelligence; one of the simple ones. Imara grew up with an astounding amount of patience. Where she excelled her mother would have to be shown over and over again. A task Imara never disliked nor shirked from; eager to help her simple mother learn. This has given her the patience of a staint; even when deal with the most obstinate or stupid man.
    Obstinate - To a fault she is stubbon; she is oppinionated and definately not afraid to let it fly. She will ground you for not letting your stitches heal; and yes she will pull rank too; to make sure that you do; do it. She will stand her ground no matter the odds; she is both resoloute and strong willed. She is not someone you will be able to break; nor is she someone you will easily if ever get to back down.
    Gracious - Imara has taste; she has charm and is kind to all. Her spirit is generous and she is never afraid to help those that are in need. In some parts it's her duty in other way she feels that she should do her best to assist where required. Easy to get along with; she is most congenial and most good humoured. Even to the most horrible of people.
    Cheerful - Imara is simply happy; she is never not smiling. Never not happy about something. Whether it be a visit to her mother; or a childs hug after she tends to their boo-boo; she delights in all. Of a Sunny disposition; Echo is not just ethereal but radiant light the sun. A breath of fresh air in an often stuffy infirmary environment.

PERSONALITY WEAKNESSES: list the same number as the list above, with descriptions
    Proud - Imara's pride goes beyond mere self confidence; it can often extend into arrogance on her part when she proves that she is better than a fellow male healer at something. She doesn't mean for it to come across as arrogance but it does. She is also one that does not take lightly to her work being criticized.
    Obstinate - This is both a down side as she can often be stubborn enough that it blinds her better judgement. This often doesn't dawn on her until after the situation in which she has been blinded in has been resolved. It will also often find her on rare occassion appologising for her incorrect actions.
    Conviction - Judge Imara and she will judge you with great conviction. She may always be nice to your face. But beware; she is not someone who will easily change her opinions of people; in fact she is known to carry grudges to the grave. Changing her opinion will be hard work; and it's up to you to decide if it's worth it or not.
    Wrath - Vengeful if angered; whilst she will never do anything to jeopardize the life of a patient; she is not opposed to hiding those important things that those who have invited her wrath need. She is not opposed to swoop in to play the hero and prove herself better than they; especially if she feels that she has been wronged.
    Detached - Sometimes as cheerful and radiant as she seems; Imara can come across as detached and cold. She doesn't mean to; it's just her way of coping with things at times. By removing herself from the situation emotionally she feels herself better able to cope. This can cause some trouble in her love life with those who try to get closer to her.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Imara is a woman of cheerful and intelligent insight. A woman that knows her purpose and is intented to follow it through till the end. She has strong convictions and whilst most obstinate and proud can temper those emotions when she needs to. However there are times where her obstinance gets the better of her and can blind her in certain situations. A patient woman of genial and even temperament at most times. She is not afraid however to stand up for what she believes is right; or fight for that of another.


PARENTS: Seena; 43 mother, drudge, Toval Healer Hall.
Jasco; 73, father, Master Healer, Torval Healer Hall. Deceased.
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Torval Healer Hall
OVERALL HISTORY: Imara was born spring time to a drudge at the Healer Hall; her nick-name stemed from the fact that the cooing noise her mother made to her "doll" as she was known was echoed from her. Thus she was nick-named Echo, it was her father however who named her Imara. Her mother delighted in calling her name; and though she never actually raised her as her father Jasco found a wet nurse for her. Her father dearly loved her mother; though she was so mentally stilted and did his best to provide for her what she needed. She was regularly visited by her mother who was always facinated with her growing doll. For Imara it was an interesting time growing up with a mother and mentally stunted as hers was; it was always child-like discoveries the two delighted in. Much like two children running around till her mother was told to get back to work and Imara was returned to the woman who was raising her.

As she grew older; she was reputed to be a great beauty, a gracious ethereal girl who spend hours with her mother teaching her new things; though they were often forgotten by the next visit. At 12 Imara apprenticed as a healer; following in her fathers footsteps. It was thanks to him and his status that she was accepted and even managed to rise her way to a journeywoman level. Her intelligence was not easily accepted by the men of the Hall; nor so when she refused to marry. Her father an understanding and kind man would not force her.

At 20 turns old she was given her first assignment to Torval Weyr; her father warned her and begged her not to go. For he knew the horrors some women told of there; however Imara quite determined to go went. She was not expecting to be picked up on by Kl'vir; a bronze rider who now wanted to claim her as his own. 2 almost 3 turns she managed to keep him at bay; that was until Lorenaith rose. It was then she was left helpless and it didn't take long for Kl'vir to find her and rape her. It was to that brutal man she lost her virginity; a shocking price but one she dealt with secretly.

To her greatest shock; not long after her brutal rape for that is what is was; she was approached by one of the bluerider to stand; stand for one of the two golds that lay gleaming an in wait for some young woman. With no Weyrwoman in the Weyr anymore; Imara felt it to be her duty to follow through and accept; though she knew she had no choice. There had not been a choice with search for more turns than she could remember now. So now in between candidate lessons and the infirmary she waits; waits to see what her future will be.

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Post by Iskiea on Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:44 am

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