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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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Zaiken Empty Zaiken

Post by Iskiea on Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:15 am

Candidate, TORVAL WEYR
Zaiken Normal_Ed-LewisPayton


AGE: 15


EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'7"; 160lbs
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: His height for his age.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Zai has short shaggy blonde hair which hangs in his eyes, he'll never cut his hair, only to trim it short enough to keep out of the way of his work. He's sturdily built with lean sineous muscle, and is also tall for his age standing at 5'7" and already looking to grow taller, perhaps possibly to 6ft or more when he grows up. His skin is darkly tanned from being under the southern sun doing what his father and Grandfather did before him.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Practical; clean clothing. He likes to present himself nicely but won't sacrifice being practical for looks.
FACE CLAIM: Edward Speleers


    Outgoing - A friendly sort; Zaiken grew up with many people and as such was never one to close off from people. Whilst he won't openly go and find company he isn't adverse to social situations and quite enjoys them.
    Laid-back - Nothing seems to phase Zaiken; he's laid back and relaxed. Prefering to take things at his own speed rather than the speed of the rest of the world. Everything just seems to roll of him like water on a ducks back.
    Patient - The patience of a proverbial saint; nothing can ruffle Zaiken's feathers and he will happily take as much time as needed to assit someone or do a menial task assigned to him.

    Without Ugency - Zaiken's lack of urgency can be frustrating; greatly frustrating. As he will take his time in everything that he does. Never seeing any need to rush anything; no matter the urgency of the situation.
    Apathetic - It appears Zaiken has a general lack of interst in everything; his calm and unhurried nature giving an appearance to him that he simply does not care and as such merely floats through life.
    Naive - Doesn't have a very realistic view of life at Torval Weyr; so it was a shock to him upon his arrival. He isn't the most intelligent person when it comes to the sublties or workings of Weyrlife; often leaving him in the dark.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Zaiken is laid back, a little too laid back sometimes, though always alert sometimes it seems as though everything he does, is done in slow purposeful movement. He has an easy manner, and a calming influence around those panicked, espeically in animals, and dragons alike. He never expected to have a chance at becoming a dragonrider, in fact he's rather happy with his current career choice and the only reason for him going with the searchrider was out of politeness. After all he wasn't one to turn someones offer down unless it was non beneficial for him and others.

He knew his father wouldn't mind as his older brothers and even sisters helped, as did his uncles, and aunts and his cousins too. There was more than enough help at their farm so he didn't think they'd suffer much if he accepted the Search so he did. Sometimes he can frustrate people with his patience and slow way of doing things, he takes his time with anything, never seeing a need to rush. Every decision is well thought out before an answer is given and sometimes he can go days without answering a question before deciding on the appropriate answer for it. Sometimes that's too late as the person has already forgotten the question other times it just gets on peoples nerves.


PARENTS: Kalinor; 46, Father/Farmer
Zenaya; 41, Mother, Deceased
SIBLINGS: Kanir, 21, brother, farmer
Kanro, 19, brother, farmer
Karn, 17, brother, farmer
Zery, 13, sister, nanny
Zilka, 11, sister, farmer
Zeila, 9, sister, farmer
Kinor, 7, brother, farmer
Zalena, 5, sister, farmbrat
Konin, 3, brother, farmbrat
Kazen, 1, brother, farmbrat
Zenaya, 1, sister, farmbrat
OTHER FAMILY: Aunts & Uncles & Cousins that live with them
OVERALL HISTORY: Zaiken is one of 12, and being 4th born, with three older brothers, Zaiken was left to become like a mother of sorts to those younger. There was a tradition long standing in Zaiken's father's family that the boys names began with the same letter as their fathers, and girls the same letter as their mothers. After having three boys, Kanir, Kanro and Karn already, Zaiken's mother Zenaya was convinced her fourth child was going to be a girl and so only had a females name picked out.

So when Zaiken was born a surprise to his mother and father, he was given the name his mother had thought of for him, which was originally Zaike, which became Zaiken since he was a male. He also became the first male in the family to have been named using the mother's first letter.

There was a considerable age difference of six turns between Zai and his older brother Kanir, four between him and his brother Kanro and only two between Zai and his brother Karn. It was to Karn who Zai became most attatched too due to their small age difference. Two turns later Zery was born, she was the girl Zenaya had been waiting for.

Two turns after Zery's birth followed another girl, Zilka, and then another two turns later another girl by the name of Zeila. Two turns after Zeila followed a boy named Kinor, who two turns later was followed by a girl named Zalena and then two turns after her a boy named Konin.

Tragedy struck the family when Zenaya announced she was carrying twins and that they'd be the final additions to the family.. All went well through the pregnancy despite Zenaya being age 41 and considered beyond childbaring age and at the highest danger when giving birth. The birth of the twins proved to much for her and shortly after the twins birth Zenaya died.

This rocked the family hard, as all the children were at an age where they could remember their mother, especially the older children like Zaiken and his brothers, and his little sisters. They also had the problem of two new mouths to feed, a boy named Kazen and a little girl named Zenaya in honour of her mother.

Zaiken became their care taker, whilst he had been working with his father in the fields with the herd beast for many turns now as well as with his brothers as well. Zaiken since Zery wasn't considered old enough to look after them it fell to Zai. He took to it, wanting to help his family in the best way possible, which included helping his aunt with her new children as well. The farm entirely family run.

Also a recent move to a new farm several turns ago could have been consideredvpart of the cause for Zenaya's death. Though no one thinks of it. A turn past the twins old enough to be looked after by Zery who had just turned thirteen turns, and was eager to do her part to help the family easily took to taking care of her younger siblings especially the ones under five turns. Which were Zalena who was five, Konin who was three turns and the twins who were a wee turn old.

Zaiken returned to the fields though he frequently dropped in at home during his shifts to check on the twins. It was when he was taking a small herd down the mountain and back home to their farm to be put under shelter before Thread hit, that Zaiken was searched by a blue rider from the Weyr.

After a long day's thought and some help from the blue rider in getting the herd of herd beasts back to the farm and after talking it through with his older brothers and father, as well as his uncle and aunt as well did he finally pack his bags and decide to go. Assuring his father that he would be back if he didn't impress at the clutch.

So Zaiken arrived at Torval Weyr with little hope of impression and a lot for returning home. But then there is the fact the dragon chooses so it could be very possible for Zaiken to not return home if a dragon wishes him to stay and be his lifemate.

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Zaiken Empty Re: Zaiken

Post by Iskiea on Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:00 pm

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