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Marina Empty Marina

Post by GreenRiderAria on Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:51 am

Dragon Candidate, TORVAL WEYR
Marina Short-wavy-hair-styles-11
Wild As The Wind Is, And Just As Free.


CHARACTER NAME: Marina "Mar-E-Nuh"
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Dancer/Kitchen Worker, Candidate


EYES: Cole Black
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'6 & 120lbs
BODY TYPE: Lean and Toned

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: She's always seen wearing clothing in shades of green and blue. Usually she wears a skirt or dress.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Marina's appearence is as wild as her personality. Her short black hair is always wild; with a tossled look to it almost constantly. Her dark cole colored eyes usually look intently at the world around her unless she's up to something. Then they take on a 'come hither' look and become hooded and smokey. Her eyes uptilt very slightly at the edges giving Marina an almost exotic look to her. Her clothes always flatter her body, and usually come in shades of blue and green. Marina perfers to wear skirts to pants, but won't hesitate to steal a man's trousers after they've had a tussle. Marina's skin has a gentle tan to it, showing her long years out in the sun. She has gently defined muscles and a lean form built for move and dance.

TYPICAL ATTIRE: Marina is almost always seen in pretty skirts and dresses in varying shades of blue and green.

FACE CLAIM: Don't know the name


PERSONALITY STRENGTHS: list at least three, with descriptions.

    Passionete - Marina is a passionete person by nature, leading her to go full-tilt into every situation presented to her.

    Free-Spirited - Like the wild stallions that used to run the plains of Earth, Marina is a person that enjoys her freedoms. Whatever she wants to do, she does, regaurdless of what others may tell her.

    Graceful - Being a dancer, every move Marina makes is carefully thought out and then executed with very little effort. The effect of this makes her seem almost like she's gliding across the ground at times.

    Clever - Marina is always thinking about new ways to get the things she wants. This young lady always had something or another on her mind. Those that see her be warned, if she has a quirked smirk on her face, it's best to run far away as fast as possible. Especially if her plotting has something to do with the person that sees the look.

    Adventurous - Marina loves to explore and is always interested in the people and places that make up her envirnment. Whenever she's staying at a place, no matter how long she'll remain, she goes and explores to see what there is to see. Always out and about looking for the next exciting adventure, Marina is one that keeps others on their toes around her. Her family members often worry about her when she gets into one of her adventerous moods.


    Wild - Growing up in a some-what nomadic lifestyle, Marina has a hard time staying in one place. Since she's so used to travelling, forcing her to remain anywhere she doesn't want to be makes her frustrated and angry really quickly.

    Trouble With Authority - Living in many different places her entire life and pretty much going when she feels like it, Marina has developed a bit of a problem with authority figures. Oh she'll listen to them, alright, or at least pretend to if she has to. But unless she's doing something to further her own agenda, Marina will listen to noone but herself and maybe her mother on occasion.

    Workaholic - Remember that look you were warned about? The one that says 'I'm plotting something and you're not going to like it.'? Well there was a reason for that. With such an active mind, Marina is always plotting or thinking about something. This means that sometimes she'll be thinking about something and completely miss something said to her in the present. Marina is always going, always moving, and always ALWAYS working on something to better her position in life. Often this means late nights awake to make sure everything is perfect. At times, this habit is detremental to Marina's health.

    Impatient - Marina is always going and always doing something. When she's given a job she does it and gets it done as quickly and efficiantly as she can manage. So when others around her can't do the same, she often gets irrated with them. She'd never yell at them though; no indeed because that could be bad for the image she presents to the world. No indeed, instead she tries to make that person seem all kinds of stupid before then helping that person out so the job gets done. Strangely, she rarely does this in a truely mean way; seeming more to be joking about the issue than doing anything serious.

    Overestimates Herself - Marina is always into something and knows how to do quite a few jobs around wherever she's staying and do them well. This had lead her to think that there is little she can't do once shown it at least once. For the most part she's right, but there are times where; though she'll never admit it outloud, Marina has no idea as to what she's doing.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Marina is one of those people that, because of the way she looks and sometimes acts, people tend to underestimate her. This young woman uses these facts to her advantage whenever she wants or needs something. Growing up in a somewhat nomadic style of life, Marina has little regaurd for the normal rules of society. She goes wherever the wind takes her which attributes to her wild, untamable nature. Marina is a dancer body and soul and shows this with every carefully graceful move she makes. She holds herself like the noblest of ladies while at the same time giving off the feeling that she'll talk with anyone about anything if they bother speaking with her. Underneath all the niceties of her personalty though, Marina has a very crafty and clever mind. She uses this to plan the best ways to make herself important wherever she is. Rather it's learning the bakercraft so she becomes esential to whatever group she's travelling with as a cook or using her dancing skills to earn money and her attractive body to get favors, there's nothing Marina won't do to get whatever she wants or needs. Only the best is for this young woman, despite the fact she's never officially belongs to hall, hold, or weyr. If she needs something but can't afford it, likely she'll seduce some unsuspecting Wingleader so he'll buy her the things she wants. If she needs a place to stay, she pretends to be cute and innocent and very lost so others feel sorry for her and take her in. Never has she called a place home; perfering instead for all of Pern to be her home.


PARENTS: Mother - Meinna/Kitchen Cook/32, Father - Maruvis/Dragonless Renegade/40
SIBLINGS: Half Sister - Sainna/Weyrbrat/10
OTHER FAMILY: Adopted Father - Sa'mar/Rider of Brown Islyath/31

OVERALL HISTORY: Born at Torval Weyr to a Dragonless Renegade named Maruvis [Ma'vis] and a Cook named Meinna. Taken from Torval by her father Maruvis when she was three. Marina was then raised in the wilds surrounding Torval Weyr until she was eighteen. When she was four, while she was exploring her surroundings one day in the middle of winter, Marina fell through the ice of a frozen river into the water below. It was thankful her father was there to save her. Unfortunetely, Marina became sick from this and her father was forced to bring her back into Torval Weyr itself to save her life. During this time, fearing she'd be recongized by her mother and taken, Marina was dressed as a young male and treated under her father's watchful eye. Once she was well, they left again, her father maintaining his ownership of her. And he did own her. Her father, formerly a bronzerider, was a man that knew his own worth and viewed woman as so much luggage to be used and then thrown away when they were no longer useful. He wanted to keep Marina for himself to use as leverage once she was old enough. Despite this, growing up in the wilds made Marina nearly uncontrollable for anyone, even her father. Oh she'd pretend to behave so she wouldn't get beaten, but the moment his gaurd was down, she often drugged him and ran off to explore her surroundings. This cat and mouse game continued on for many turns, Marina getting progressively better and pretending so she got what she wanted. When she turned fourteen, Marina discovered her body could be useful to barter with, and often tempted unsuspecting men with it to get food and nice clothing.

Four more turns passed in this manner until the inevitable happened. Marina had snuck away from her father and into one of the small cotholds that surrounded the weyr so that she could try and barter for a new skirt to wear, when a large brown dragon landed on the property. His name was Sa'mar and he turned out to be the weyrmate of her mother. Spotting Marina almost instantly, he realized she looked much like her mother Meinna. Having been told long ago about the girl-child that had been stolen by Meinna's former weyrmate, Sa'mar wondered in perhaps this young woman that resembled Meinna so could be that lost child. On the pretense of Search, he asked Marina and two young men to accompany him back to the weyr for a hatching. Wanting to defy her father, Marina agreed and thus got her first ride on dragonback. Once they were airborne, Sa'mar asked his dragon Islyath to convey a message to the weyr for his weyrmate about who exactly he thought they were bringing back.

When they arrived at the weyr, Meinna was there with her ten turn daughter Sainna in tow. She got one look at Marina and broke into elated tears before running and hugging Marina as hard as she could. Marina was confused over this for a long moment before a vague memory of these very warm arms made her realize just who it was that held her. The mother her grouch of a father had told her abandoned them so long ago. At first Marina didn't want to like her, not her or her new little family. Then she realized that the woman was crying and that didn't make any sense. In the days that followed she was told what had really happened that day so long ago. Maruvis had taken leave of his sense after his dragon had died and had shortly after run off with Marina. For the first few weeks after this, Marina was elated to be back with a family that obviously loved her. Sainna was a darling child that was as adventurous as she was and Sa'mar seemed to be a much better man that her father was. Eventually though, Marina longed for wide open spaces and began to disappear outside the weyr for longer and longer periods of time. During one of these outings, her father found her and tried to force her to come back with him. The incident ended with Maruvis having a broken and bloody nose and Marina with nasty bruises all over her upper body. When she went back to the weyr, she was treated by the healers and sent back to her mother to recover. But her wanderlust still remained so finally Sa'mar made a deal with her. Stand for the next dragon hatching, see if she Impressed. If she did, she had to stay at the weyr, if she didn't...she could chose to go her own way with both his and Meinna's blessing. Marina agreed and now remains as a candidate at Torval Weyr.


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