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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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Nikolas Empty Nikolas

Post by GreenRiderAria on Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:55 am

Dragon Candidate, TORVAL WEYR
Nikolas Jonathan%20Rhys-Meyers%2011
STUNNING: May Cause Captivation, Astonishment, Fascination, Jealousy, Envy, Resentment, and The Occasional Wolf Whistle. :: So Lets Face It, You Know You Want Me.


NICKNAMES: Nicca, Kole, Cowboy
OCCUPATION: Farmer/Candidate


EYES:Soot Gray
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6'2 & 150lbs
BODY TYPE: Tanned and Toned

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: His dark, slightly curly hair goes down to just past his shoulders. Also, he's seen 90% of the time without a shirt on; even during the winter, unless someone makes him wear one.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Nikolas is a man that takes very good care of his body. His black hair frames his soot gray eyes and, when unbound, reaches to just passed his shoulders. More often that not, this rider is seen with his mass of hair pulled back into a ponytail at the base of his neck. His skin is dark and tan; probably due to the fact that he spends many an hour outside without a shirt on. He never burns though, strangely enough. Tall and well muscled, Nikolas sports an athletic build that he shows off to his advantage when seducing a potential bedmate. His hands are lean and rough, with callouses covering them from his many turns as a farmer. If this one has any scars, they don't show; leaving nothing to mar the perfection of his body.

TYPICAL ATTIRE: Low riding trousers and little else, unless he's been made to wear a shirt.

FACE CLAIM: Johnathan Rhys Meyers


PERSONALITY STRENGTHS: list at least three, with descriptions.

    Friendly - Pretty self-explanitory as for as this goes. Nikolas is a friendly individual that will never hesitate to speak to others if he thinks a friend to gain is in the bargain. Nikolas loves making new friends and will always talk to others rather than ignore them.

    Easy-Going - Very little irratates this young man. For the most part he has a philosophy of just 'going with the flow' in any situation.

    Passionete - Rather speaking about a person he likes, a craft he enjoys, or simply a preferred passtime, Nikolas is always very passionete about the things he does. Other weyrdwellers beware of this fact if he turns it towards a significant other.

    Chivalrous - Nikolas has a very well-developed sense of right and wrong taught to him from an early age by his entire family. If he sees something he views as wrong, he'll try and fix it. From offering his only covering during a rainy day for someone who forgot theirs to offering a person older than he the first choice in seats and food, Nikolas shows his chivalrous nature in every aspect of his life.

    Patient - Growing up on a farm surrounded by a very large family with him as the youngest male, Nikolas had to learn from a young age how to wait for the things he wanted. [or else to get their earlier than his brothers and sisters].

    Courageous - Nikolas loves to explore his surroundings and has never let the fact that other people think something is to dangerous stop him from doing what he loves. This is not to say that Nikolas fears nothing, no indeed for that would be foolish. More like Nikolas knows that courage isn't the absense of fear but more the willingness to do something frightening no matter what the dangers [This is most obviously shown when he was about 13 when he had to overcome a fear of enclosed spaces in order to rescue his youngest sister.]

PERSONALITY WEAKNESSES: list the same number as the list above, with descriptions

    Impulsive - Nikolas goes and does whatever comes into his mind despite the dangers some things may represent. His mother often stated he did these things because he had no filtering system for his desires. His father just calls him impulsive.

    Somewhat Naive - Given his chivalrous nature, Nikolas has very set veiws of right and wrong. For him, most of the time, there are no in-betweens. This makes him somewhat naive about the nature of the world around him sometimes.

    Wrathful - It is truely difficult to make Nikolas really angry. One sure way to do this is to insult a lady or take advantage of someone in his presence. Then Nikolas can be downright frightening in the way he handles situations.

    Daredevil - Nikolas is forever challenging himself and this often leads him to progressively more dangerous stunts. His mother thinks one of these stunts will be the end of him one day. His father thinks he only does it to impress people.

    Demands a lot from himself - Because of how he was raised, Nikolas often demands much from himself. Be it in work or play, Nikolas always strives to be the very best while still managing to be a good sport about the things he does. The line between this is fragile and one he always walks.

    Stubbornly set in his ways - Because Nikolas only sees the world around him as either right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, it is sometimes hard for him to accept that things do come in shades of gray. When confronted with this reality, Nikolas can be truely stubborn and sometimes even violent.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Basic words to describe a person that is anything but. Nikolas is one of those people reminds people of an Old-Earthen cowboy. With his old-worldly, gentleman like manners and easy smile he's been known to charm even the most resistant of females; and even sometimes men. Nikolas is a man often ruled by his impulses. He gets bored; time to go for a walk or find someone to talk to. He's lonely; time to charm the pants off some unsuspecting person, quite literally. He's hardly considered a flirt or easy though, and instead he perfers to carefully choose the individual he wants to seduce and will try to talk to that person and get to know them a bit first. Nikolas has a strong sense of his values and what he belives to be right and wrong. So when he sees anything he views as wrong, he'll go in like some galliant knight of old and save the day. There is very little that truely scares this young man, leading many to call him 'daredevil' or even 'rash' but he is truthfully neither of those things. Nikolas is just a man that likes to challenge himself; in all aspects of his life. Nikolas has a mixture of a low southern and cajun accent to his voice when he's truely interested in the person he is speaking to.


PARENTS: Nokkan - Father/Farmer, Nialos - Mother/Farmer
SIBLINGS: Nolan - Elder Brother/26/Farmer, Niakan - Elder Brother/24/Harper, Nikos - Elder Brother/22/Healer, Noa - Younger Sister/18/Weaver, Niola - Younger Sister/16/Farmer
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: A small farm just outside of Torval Weyr.

OVERALL HISTORY: Nikolas was born at a small farm just outside of Torval Weyr to a pair of humble farmers. Nokkan, his father, was a strict man that taught Nikolas, his three brothers and four sisters about the value of a hard days work. Nialos, his mother, was a gentle woman that taught Nikolas and his siblings the meaning of gentleness and treating those around them fairly. His entire life Nikolas has only been interested in four things; his family, farming, the stars, and attractive people. Growing up surrounded by family Nikolas learned how it was he wanted to live his life early on. When he was very young, about four or five turns, he survived the collapse of their family barn during a vicious storm. After this he harbored a fear of enclosed spaces that only made his adventerous nature even more prevelent.

When he was about eleven turns, he was introduced to his first dragonrider; a brownrider named Shi'on and his dragon Pweth, as they were flying over on their way back to the weyr after a Search. Nikolas was instantly enchanted by the dragon and swore to himself on that one day he would be a dragonrider too. He knew his father would never agree to such a thing to he waited for the time he'd be able to make that decision on his own. Two turns later, at thirteen turns, his sister Nikos fell into an old well and Nikolas was the only one small enough to get into the hole without injuring himself. Knowing of his fear of small spaces, his family wondered if he could really help. Nikolas proved to his family as well as himself that he could overcome his fears when he proceeded to go down the well after his sister. Almost an hour later, after many hardships, Nikolas brought Niola out of the well safe and sound; except for being dirty and having a few cuts and bruises. After this, Nikolas began becoming more confident and sure of himself under many a circumstance. His fear of small spaces wasn't gone, but he knew he could overcome it.

Almost nine turns later; not long after he celebrated his twentith turn; Nikolas's long-time dream finally got the chance to come true. The same brownrider from so long ago stopped at their farm on Search and out of he and his five siblings, Nikolas was chosen to go to the weyr and stand for the next clutch. His father was furious and threatened the brownrider but in the end, Nikolas made a decision. Standing up to his father for what was the first time in his entire life, Nikolas told both his parents that he wanted to be a dragonrider. Telling them it was his life and he should be able to choose what to do with it, Nikolas held his ground against a man much larger than himself. Suprisingly, Nokkan hugged his son close and told him that if that was his decision, and he was going to stick by it, then neither he nor his mother would stop him. Elated, Nikolas gathered his things and was instantly off to the weyr he'd only seen in dreams. Now he waits with many others for the next clutch to come so he can try his hand and making his fondest dream come true.

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