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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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R'gan of Bronze Arrosonth

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Post by Iskiea on Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:57 pm

Weyrlingmaster, TORVAL WEYR
I'van Giuliano-Bekor-Photoshoot-peter-facinelli-8254893-333-400


NICKNAMES: Van, Iya, Weylingmaster; Sir
AGE: 35
OCCUPATION: Weyrlingmaster
DRAGON: Bronze Mysonith


EYES: Stone Blue
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6'3" ; 178
BODY TYPE: Lean and Toned.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Perhaps it is his mere presence but no one thing singularly stands out for him; he stands out as a whole.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Ink black hair neatly cut though it curls back upon itself the longer it seems to get; he is a handsome man with stony blue eyes. Strong features and a natural arrogance seem to make him the man he is. His simple presence can change the mood of a room and it isn't hard to tell when he is around. He is a tall man of lean sinuous muscle; however do not doubt his strength for he is far stronger than anyone expects him to be; especially when one knows his past. His movements are graceful and yet purposeful as if everything he does it with perfect reason.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Generally a buckle up leather vest over a loose shirt; with well fitted but practical pants. His boots are practical and worn; a dull leather of well loved appearance. His flight gear shows the same well loved wear and he is never to be seen flying without his scarf. The very first item he weaved on his own; and a keepsake his mother gave to him before her passing.
FACE CLAIM: Peter Facinelli


    Resolute - Stead-fast in his beliefs and without dissolution. I'van is a man who knows; a man who firmly believes in what he teaches. He is a man which is undaunted by any threats; a man who is unwavering in his devotion and determination to fulfill his beliefs. No man or woman could make him budge on what he believes in or what he teaches.
    Caring - Whilst he man not appear it; I'van cares greatly for all his students; cares greatly for those he loves and the place he has come to call home. He would do anything for them; though most of it is done behind their back without their knowing. Very few will catch a glimpse of this softer nature in him, but those that do are very lucky indeed.
    Honourable - He lives by honourable intentions; upholds the highest morals. He does his best to instill such teachings into his students; instill a chivalrous and noble knightly nature. He is not someone to abandon his teachings either; always there for those who need him. He is a credible man worthy of the highest of honours.
    Untouchable - It seems nothing can touch him; not man, not woman and not even children. It seems nothing he says or does effects him; visibly to those on the outside. On the inside he might hate ever moment of what he is doing but he knows it is for the best. So he is untouchable; unaffected and out of the reach of any and all around him. He must be if he is to survive teaching.
    Direct - If I'van sees you have done something wrong he will not pussy-foot around the truth; no indeed he will be blunt and direct. He will not soften his words for the sake of saving ones ego. Sometimes a lesson must be learned bluntly before it can really be learnt at all. This direct nature of his has served him well; as he is not one to mince words and always easily understood. No one cannot understand his words; though if his words happen to bring you to tears well.. then you best think about the "why" he had to say them than about your own precious feelings.
    Proud - I'van can be an arrogant man; a prideful man. A man that is dignified and seems to float above the rest. A man who is not filled by mere self confidence but more. An assurance that he is superior in some way more than another; an assurance that he CAN make a difference and that he WILL. Nothing can stop him; that much is certain.
OVERALL PERSONALITY: I'van can often come across as a direct and often cruel man; a heartless untouchable man. He is someone most people fear or dread. However he is also the man that people thank later on; his directness is refreshing to those who have been tip-toed around their entire lives and he has never been afraid to speak his mind or stand for his morals and beliefs. He is the Weyrlingmaster dammit and he will teach them however he damn well pleases; and no, nothing you say or do will stop him. However beneath his stony mask; beneath his untouchable facade is a man who's heart aches at every harsh word; a man that will take the death of any of his students hard; a man who will strive to make sure they have the best and are the best they can be. A man who will strive to instill in them morals and values that will see them through into a new future. He is certain of Thread coming back and he will train his students as such; he will not make the mistake the other Weyrlingmasters before him had. He will keep up the tradition; uphold it with dignity and by Faranth let anyone try and stop him.


PARENTS: Istvana; Weaver of unknown rank [deceased]
father unknown
OVERALL HISTORY: Istvana's son through and through most remark that they are both alike; both aloof and cold but surprisingly warm and caring to one another. It's through eachother everyone else could see what facades they put on to protect themselves. From an early age I'van; who had been born Iyavan was greatly interested in his mothers weaving. Whilst she never had an official rank she was quite skilled; never hall trained it seemed that Iyavan too possessed the same unique talent as his mother had. For he picked up his first loom at a mere 6 turns old. He never looked back since then. The scarf he wears is a design by his mother which as a small boy he found and tried to replicate; which much to his mothers great delight did with great success. Life was simple for the two of them and it seemed nothing in the world existed beyond them.

They were happy; Iyavan was happy. However at a mere 12 years old he was stolen away to Torval. For him he had not much choice in his search; bundled off quickly for the clutch soon to hatch on the sands. For an ordinary young boy he would have been terrified and he was; however he never displayed it; never even blinked as he was pushed out onto the sands with the others. What he did not expect was to find himself looking into the eyes of the first dragon to hatch; the first dragon and only bronze of the entire clutch. He was Mysonith and now Iyavan was I'van. Whether it was being the only bronze of the clutch or something else; I'van appeared to grow a superiority complex, though it was something that seemed to disappear quickly with him; just like every other emotion.

It was upon his graduation that his mother saw him again and she gifted with that very first scarf he made; a length of weave she made for him; her pattern book and a broach that had been handed down mother to daughter for more turns that could be counted now. However as she had no daughter and nothing but a handsome son; she would pass it on to him. Something she did with great pride. No more than a few months after that visit from his mother she passed away in her sleep. A devastating blow for I'van but again he buried it like always; living his life as always. Mysonith always by his side allowing him to grieve when he needed to in private.

At 22 turns he made wingsecond; a feat he still to this day regards as the beginning of his journey. At 25 after 3 turns as a Wingsecond he made promotion to Wingleader; however that was not satisfying to him. He excelled for sure and his wing was one of the most well drilled of all. It was just there was something more out there for him; something more than just being a Wingleader.

Then at 30 turns the sudden and unthinkable happened; the Weyrlingmaster died; whether it was old age or something more that consumed him the man was dead and with no one volunteering for the position. I'van and Mysonith stepped down from their position as Wingleader; something for some odd reason the Weyrleader was only happy to let him do. Thus for the past 5 turns it has been I'van and Mysonith at the helm of teaching those young nubile minds; and whilst all have not turned out the way he would have wished of them in the beginning. He is more assured with each clutch of the duty he is doing; and each day he spends with his students he feels satisfied; though often he is much aggrieved for those he has lost. Of course no one sees this.

Noble Warrior Bronze

I'van Q-AX02

We learn to fly not by becoming fearless, but by the daily practice of courage


A dark bronze hue of a statue slides across the sleek and almost feline body of this bronze. He is leanly build; with lean and sinuous muscle that ripples beneath his bronze hide; a faint hue of green can be seen reflected in his deep bronze hide as he moves. He is long; powerful and exudes masculinity; he has this must be obeyed at all costs vibe about him normally associated with a Gold but one can put down to his turns of leadership and now teaching of Weyrlings. He exudes power; exudes strength and by Faranth he will be in control.

FINAL SIZE: Mysonith measures 27' feet from nose to tail and has a wingspan of 50.3' feet.


WEYRLING: As a Weyrling he was straight-forward; ambitious and determined. The moment he cracked his shell he knew who he wanted and how he was going to get to him. Nothing could change the mind of this Bronze. He is noble and carries himself with a lofty air; something he has done since his hatching day. Giving rise to the fact that this bronze may have a superiority complex. However most find they are wrong upon getting to know him better. He was never the jealous type as a hatchling after all; he was the only bronze and there was no better than he in the clutch for I'van to have wanted.

WING/FALL: He is a strong leader who gives gentle corrections with forceful actions. He is not afraid to exert mental pressure on those more stubborn dragons so as to keep them in line. However hard he is though; he cares greatly for the safety of his dragons. Now as a Weyrlingmaster he takes greater care in teaching them correctly; even if it sometimes means exuding that force he is so well known for to help the more stubborn see reason.

FLIGHT: A charismatic knight of the sky; he is entrancing and both noble. His intentions are nothing but the most well intended and he strives to succeed in his catch. His arrogance at times may let him down but his smooth silver tongue is likely to win him as many points as his arrogance takes away.

NOTABLE PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS: He is a noble dragon; though however lofty he comes across as he is never to noble or highly ranked to not bow his head down to another lower than he. He does not mind the company of greens at all; same with the blues or browns. Golds he can have intellectual conversations with; but it is not something he wants all the time. After all what is the point in only convalescing with a dragon who will never truly fly thread. It is far better and wiser he get to know those below him than those above or on the same level. After all he knows well how useful to small folk are.
MINDVOICE: Somewhere between a stern but loving father and a military drill sergeant.


DAM: Liliarith [deceased]
SIRE: Venarth [deceased]


Together I'van and Mysonith are based off a song known as "The Face Within" by Mercedes Lackey.

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