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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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Post by Iskiea on Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:13 pm

Kitchen Worker, TORVAL WEYR
Aleena Aleena
"Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves." ~Helen Keller


NICKNAMES: Lee or Ally
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Kitchen Worker


EYES: Left Blue; Right Green [Complete Heterochromia]
HAIR: Copper Red
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'6" / 136lbs
BODY TYPE: Toned Hourglass
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Generally her hair and her eyes do that well enough on their own.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Aleena has the typical curves of an hourglass figured woman and does nothing to hide what genetics have gifted her with. She is well endowed, though she keeps it mainly bound to her chest when she is working. Her wavy copper red hair falls just past her shoulders and is almost always kept in a braided ring around her head; or it is left to fall free in soft curls during the cooler months. Her eyes are completely heterochromic; her right eye is green and her left eye is blue. She has a delicate face of which her eyes and shy smile that never seems to leave her lips are her most striking features next to her hair.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Aleena's typical attire changes from day to day; somedays she will walk the hall in elegant dresses; other times she can be found in pants and a shirt sometimes even just a vest in the hotter months. Again her typical dress also changes often with the weather and seasons. She's even been known to walk about in her pantaloons and a mere corset during the evenings sometimes even wearing a light floaty long like dressing gown of sorts over the top of it; generally prefering some kind of comfort over looks during those later nights.
FACE CLAIM: Isla Fisher


    Noble - Aleena is a noble woman; she carries herself with an air of nobility; a strength of dignity that others find admirable. She always has noble intentions and is a solid and upstanding woman.
    Loyal - To those who earn her loyalty, Aleena will be eternally loyal to no matter what. Though this feat is rarely achieve; those who do manage it have earnt themselves and friend and protector for the rest of their life.
    Honourable - She has honourable intentions in every one of her actions; and will eagerly help. She has a stead fast belief of what is right and wrong; and being an honourable woman will stick to these moral beliefs.
    Virtuous - Aleena is a virtuous woman; though she is no saint she certainly does her best to help others and leave herself for last. She tries to practice all the virtues not just the ones she was born with.
    Integrity - Aleena is a woman of integrity; she is honest about everything she does, never telling a lie about anything or anyone. She will not hide the truth from those who need to know and will in turn be truthful in her dealings with others.
    Kind - A heart that goes beyond the mere walls of the Weyr; Aleena is a kind woman; gentle and sweet, she is most generous and helpful. She is a gracious woman who will do anything for anyone; regardless of how they percieve her or she percieves them.
    Patient - For most tasks Aleena has an eternal amount of patience; she will listen endlessly to someones problems or even accept a task even though she knows it will be long and tedious. She is most patient with children and those she teaches.
    Confident - Aleena is a confident woman; she is sure of herself; and has a great belief in herself. She has great self esteem and loves herself greatly; she is never in doubt of herself or her abilities and will use them to the best of her ability.
    Intelligent - Of intelligent expression and a witty mind; she is quick to comprehend and make good judgements. She has a great deal of understanding and common sense for what needs to be done and will do it with no qualms.
    Protector - Like a protective mother; Aleena will extend a protective wing to any who need it. She is stubborn and steadfast in her protection of others and will go to great lengths to ensure they are happy and safe.
    Selfless - Aleena has a self sacrifical nature that will run her into the ground just to make someone else happy. She hates to see others suffering or unhappy and will do her best to rectify the situation.
    Wrath - Aleena becomes a wrathful person only when pushed to the point or threatened just one to many times. When her patience finally breaks she can become quite the fiery hell-bat refusing to step down from her convictions. Despite her selfless nature she will protect those around her with a wrathful and almost convictional nature if they are wronged.
    Stubborn - If she has an opinion of someone; a moral value that is under siege; she will stubbornly refuse whatever it is. She will point blank refuse to make someone elses life harder even though it will be detrimental to her own life. She will stubbornly refuse to give up on anything; good or bad that she has complete belief and faith in.
    Gulible - Because she is so selfless and can't help but assist those in need she can be quite gulible in the sense that someone can use and manipulate her kind hearted nature; however she isn't so gulible so as not to notice if someone is using her for their own personal gain.
    Workaholic - Aleena does everything at 200%; there is no rest for her and she will spend many sleepless nights until someone forces her to get some sleep. She will even work this hard for people she detests.
    Proud - Aleena's pride is a simple matter that she truly believes in herself and that her moral values are right and just. She won't try to shove them down people's throats; she's much to nice to think of doing that; but she won't take kindly to them being judged either.
    Blackmailable - Her family is her weakness; and if anyone threatens their life with honest intentions they are sure to have an obedient hold on Aleena. At least until her family is safe; then they will meet her wrathful hell bat side. Not that she would ever physically harm them; no never physically harm.
    Coarse - Being the daughter of a guard she can sometimes come across as a little coarse; despite her sweet and gentle nature; she is still the rebellious and adventurous teen her father raised on his own. Forgive her; it's hard to change something you grew up doing.
    Deluded - When things go bad; Aleena will still smile as if deluding herself into a reality that does not exist. Not to say she won't do anything about it; she will just merely refuse to acknowledge it effecting her, even though it is something that does greatly.
    Accomodating - She will go out of her way to help people and accomodate their needs even at the expense of her own. She will always find time for her work; but she will never truly be happy because she doesn't have a selfish bone in her body.
OVERALL PERSONALITY: Aleena is a woman of moral values; she is dependable, kind of heart, obedient if only in the face of protecting the lives of those around her. She will not submit to anyone; nor will she give up on anything she believes is right and just. She has a deep sense of honour; integrity and loyalty. To those who earn her trust and respect she will be eternally loyal; this is a feat few have managed to achieve. She is domestically gifted and a born mother; she has always been happiest when baking sweets for people and when she has children around her. This deep sense of honour and justice though has caused some rather fiery outbursts from this normally quiet woman as she will openly disagree to anything that doesn't help the populus as a whole. One such topic that causes an outburst from her is the lack of belief in thread returning that the leaders have; for she has such assured conviction that Thread will fall and they will need to be prepared. As such she is making sure at least she and those who want to be prepared are.

In her movement about the Weyr she will always seem to have this little smile on her lips as if all is right with the world whilst she works.In actual fact though it is her unwavering faith in herself; her son and those who have managed to gain her trust that keeps her going. If you are pleasant to her, she will be pleasant to you. If you are cruel to her then she is most likely to spike your next meal with something very unpleasant should she garner access to the kitchens; if not this vindictive side will work it's way out in other more creative ways; though she will never physically harm anyone.

Above all Aleena would not hesitate to sacrifice herself to protect someone else. She will do anything to protect herself and those she cares for and will more often than not take a beating intended for someone else to spare them. You see once she takes someone under her wing they are as good as protected from whatever she can protect them from.She a leader because she isn't afraid to take charge when the proverbial "all hell breaks loose" and rectify any situations. Her biggest flaw is her self sacrificial nature; the fact she will go through hell and high water to attain something for someone else even at the cost of her loosing it. Her happiness is not even on her list of priorities; instead she garners her own happiness from how happy she can make others. She will do anything and everything for those who mean the world to her; even if it means working herself to the bone. Natural causes or illness will not be the death of her; no.. it will be this utterly selfless nature of her that will work her to the bone and into her grave.

She is intelligent and witty; able to memories copious amounts of information. She has a strong work ethic and will not hesitate in working herself at 200% all the time. In everything she does for everyone dear for her she is at 200%; even for those she detests she works just as much for. Because if someone else garners a better life and is better taken care of because of her hard work she will be happy.. Not truly happy; as long as she continues being the self sacrificial person she is she will never be truly happy.


PARENTS: Cathaoir; Father; Head Guard; Toval Hold
Isola; Mother; Apprentice Harper [deceased]
OTHER FAMILY: Kyte; 8, Son; Torval Hold.
Torval Lord Holder; Cousin.
OVERALL HISTORY: Cathaoir's beloved daughter; his wife had died when Aleena was a mere 3 turns old; the spitting image of her though a tad more rebellious than her soft spoken mother Aleena was her father's only love. He raised her the best he could as the Head Guard of Torval Hold and also the uncle of the Lord Holder; leaving her as his cousin. From a young age she was one of the boys and did her best to be the son her father never had; and in turn he taught her to defend herself. You see he never wanted her to be in a position in her life where she would be helpless and did everything in his power to give her the skills to keep her freedom. She always was the rebellious girl growing up and it wasn't until her 15th turning when a roll in the hay with one of her fathers younger guards; he was a handsome young man 7 turns her senior; though not that it mattered to her. However it was this roll in the hay that ended her up in rather much of a predicament. She was pregnant and expecting; her teen life was about to end and to further it she was unmarried and living in Torval Hold where things weren't quite as loose as in a Weyr.

However her father whilst greatly disappointed in her eventually came around and was by her side when at 16 she delivered a healthy baby boy into the world. She named him Kyte and he became her whole world; he was her everything and she took to motherhood with a great natural flair as apparently her mother before her had done. The father of her child had long since fled whether to avoid the wrath or her father or responsibility of the child one would never know. With her father's help she raised her son and even managed to find a position in the Hold helping to take care of the other children. It was here she discovered her domestic talents and love of baking; it was here she mellowed and did anything and everything for people.. Though her old spitfire self would come roaring back on occasion. Her life was a happy one; full of love and laughter for her son and the other hold children; there was nothing more she needed.

She grew into a respected woman of the Hold; someone people could depend on. Even the Torval Lord Holder; who was her father's close friend and nephew; despite his ambitious and hard nature had gained a soft spot for her though he never showed it.; as did his wife and their children. It seemed her life was set; she didn't need a man to make her happy; no she had all the happiness she needed right here. Or so she thought; for at 22 turns a rider came a knocking. She tried her best to refuse him; but it seemed he would not take no for an answer and thus she was just taken. She had been searched; and she couldn't say no; he father couldn't fight him; he had to look after Kyte despite his slowly declining health. It was the arthritis that set in first and his duties became less and less as he trained a new Head Guard to take his place. So Aleena was taken; thrust into Weyrlife without her son and father; on her own in a new a frightening place. However time proved her search was false and that merely the rider who had kinapped her had fancied her and thus taken her as his own. Two turns have now past and Aleena has not seen her son or father in that time. Though she writes frequently to them; she has not been able to free herself of the Weyr and as such has been living as a Kitchen Worker. Though her work at the moment is being cut due to the fact she fell pregnant after the most recent Gold flight.

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