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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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Anamosa Empty Anamosa

Post by Hesper on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:34 pm

Candidate, TORVAL WEYR
Anamosa XJoJo


AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: candidate


EYES: gray
HAIR: light reddish brown
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'5", 137 lbs
BODY TYPE: Toned and curvy
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: no one thing sticks out
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Ana is a beautiful young woman. There's no other word to describe her other than beautiful. Her beauty is more of the classic beauty rather than an exotic one. Her light brown hair is long, falling to just above her hips. It's wavy and thick, framing her face with it's various layers. Her gray eyes are wide and almond shaped, giving her an innocent look. Her skin is quite pale and in the summer she tends to burn easily.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Anamosa wears form fitting clothing that shows off her physique the best.
FACE CLAIM: Jo Jo....I think...


    Calm - Anamosa knows how to keep her head in most situations.
    Calculating - Ana likes to think things through before she rushes into them.
    Logical - Anamosa likes to think realistically. If something seems like a fantasy it probably is.

    Brooding - Anamosa tends to dwell on things that make her unhappy.
    Promiscuous - Anamosa doesn't mind the attention she gets from men. In fact she actively seeks it out.
    Vain - Ana knows she's beautiful. She knows others knows she's beautiful and therefore she uses it to her advantage.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Anamosa is, for the most part, a loner. Not because of choice, but because she has a hard time connecting to people. She doesn't really like being alone so she compensates by finding company in the arms of men. Not exactly the smartest move, but she finds comfort in it. Her promiscuity makes her more liked by the men (even if she doesn't get respect from them), but frowned on by most women. If she wasn't so vain and use her beauty like a weapon it would probably be easier for her to find true friends. When things go bad, Ana tends to get on the broody side and will sulk for days if she so desires to.

Despite her loose ways, Anamosa is a rather intelligent girl. She looks at life realistically. Which is probably one of the reasons she goes along with the men instead of fighting them. She knows there is no way society is going to change anytime soon, so she would rather go along with it than fight it. She does think things through before rashly going head long into them and can keep a cool head in almost all situations.

Deep down Anamosa really wants to be able to love someone that will love her for reason other than beauty. She doesn't think this will happen because she knows in order for it too she would have to change. Change is not something that comes easily for her. Till such a time would happen she is content to be who she is.


PARENTS: Father Moshlen-harper, Mother Narwyn-deceased
    Sister Jolsyn-15
    Brother Marsheln-10
    Brother Hastor-4

OTHER FAMILY: none close
OVERALL HISTORY: Anamosa was born at Torval Hold. Her father is a harper and generally teaches the younger children their lessons. Her mother was just a simple house wife and Anamosa loved her dearly. She died unfortunately giving birth to her youngest brother Hastor. Anamosa was never very close to her father or her oldest younger brother. Her sister Jolsyn seemed to be her best friend, but it was a tedious relationship. There always seemed to be so much rivalry between the two of them. Mainly where beauty came into play. Both of them were very beautiful, but both of them wanted to say they were the prettiest. Hence the tedious relationship. Her youngest brother Hastor she couldn't help but blame him some for the death of their mother.

Her father had plans for Ana and her sister. Plans involving marrying them off to the most well of men and thus making his life better. Since Ana was the oldest daughter he already had many men lined up to 'court' her. She hated all of them and to spite her father she would find attractive young men of the hold, ones with nothing to offer her father, and would fool around with them. Once her father found out he no longer had an pure virgin daughter to offer he was furious.

It was as he was deciding what he should do with his promiscuous daughter a bronzerider laid eyes on Ana. Of course everyone knows that if a bronzerider sees a girl he fancies, he will take her on excuse of search. This is exactly what happened to Anamosa, much to her surprise and pleasure. At least she didn't have to worry about what her father was going to do. Now all she had to worry about was what all the riders were going to do to her. Not that she would mind some of their attentions, but not all of them.

She knew she had only been taken because of her pretty face, but the bronze rider promised her she would most certainly impress a gold. Ana figured the best thing to do was act all pompous and believe him one hundred percent, to his face anyways. In truth she thinks she has about as much chance as any other girl. This is at least a different place and situation if not a better one, so for now she is content. Without her knowing it the bronzerider had her checked by a real search dragon and the dragon agreed that she would be a good candidate.
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Anamosa Empty Re: Anamosa

Post by Iskiea on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:48 pm

Anamosa Approved

With one footnote: Perhaps though she begins to believe that she will impress gold; after all if you tell the lie often enough; no matter how intelligent or logical you may be you can find yourself believing it. Perhaps by hatching day she does believe that she will impress one of the golds; after all; when the hatching is over there are chances that she can have that not come true. But after telling the lie so many times she finds herself believing it without realising it..

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