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Katasha Empty Katasha

Post by Otania on Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:00 am

Candidate, TORVAL WEYR


NICKNAMES: Kata, Tasha
AGE: 18 turns
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Candidate and Weaver


EYES: Deep Orchre (#733D1A)
HAIR: Black (#000000)
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 120 pounds.
BODY TYPE: She has a slender frame with not much muscle and very little fat.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Her dark brown Bambi eyes and the woodcarved dragon necklace that her father gave her.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Her long black hair is never really pinned up, she just lets it stay loose and frame her face. She keeps as clean as she can by always washing her face and having a bath whenever possible.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Formal, Pants + Shoes, Shirt, Sweater


    Resilient - Katasha is a resilient person; she is capable of handling most stressful situations with ease; bouncing back easily and keeping a cool head when put under pressure.

    Optimistic - She always sees that silver lining that people say come from bad things. She knows bad things happen but then good comes and balences it out.

    Artistic - Katasha has an artistic gift; from simple yet stunning weaves she has created herself to simple designs for other people to use. She creates aesthetically pleasing work with minimum effort; giving rise to many thinking she can make art out of everything.

    Trusting - Blindly trusting; Katasha will trust anyone and everyone with her life; a rather foolish thing considering how often her trust is broken and she is used for it. Still it does not deter her from her blind trust of everything.

    Naive - Katasha is naive but not on a major scale. She does not know much about certain things like how most guys think that she is beautiful. She also does not notice that she has a role in the world.

    Helpful - Helps out willingly in any way she can and gets people made at her for not acting like the slave she is.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Some of the good things about Katasha are that she is a rather good stragitist and can come up with a course of action in practically no time at all and her plans are normaly pretty good. However she is not always very good at speaking her mind due to the fact she is a girl and no one will listen. So most of the time she keeps the plans to herself unless she knows the person she is talking too is willing to listen. Also she is good at solving any type of problem thrown her way, unless it is something romantic. Then she gets dumbfounded and is of no use to anyone. Katasha is good with her hands and imagination.

Some of her weakness are though is that she trusts everyone. Which is not always a good thing. With her trust some people have done very bad things to her. Katasha has plenty of good intentions but she does not voice them to anyone unless they ask her directly. She also loves to help people out willingly and people only take advantage of her and it is worse since she is already a girl and is treated like a slave.

She never really likes to be alone. It is something that bugs her and makes her feel unwanted. Her mother was always with her and her father when he was not that angry from a hard day of work. Katasha always weaved by her mother's side and it turns out that she has some pretty good focus and when she starts weaving she goes into her own little word and it takes her mother shaking her to get her out of it.


PARENTS: Mother Deanna Weaver, Father Quintin Woodcarver
OVERALL HISTORY: Katasha has always been loved, even if it was only her mother who spent all her time with her daughter. Her father Quintin was a woodcarver and spent most of his time outside at the wood shop were all the other woodcarvers worked or at the mini shop that he had were he drew up plans for future projects. Only rarely did he actually get to spend time with his daughter. He made up for it though by getting her gifts or making them for her like with what he did with the wood carved dragon that she absolutly loves and never takes off. He did not paint it though so that one day perhaps she would be picked up by a bronzerider and taken to the Weyr were she might impress. Quintin did not care if it was only a green that took to her but as long as she was happy he was happy. Her mother was the same. Deanna first started to teach Katasha how to weave when she was about eight years old. Katasha's first weaving project did not turn out that good but her mother encouraged her to try again and Katasha did. Again and again she tried till she mastered the art.

Katasha loved weaving by her mother's side with her dad ocassionaly watching them as the two worked. The looks on their faces were so focused like one single mistake would ruin the whole entire thing. Then what her dad had been hoping for occured. Katasha turned eightteen, even though most fathers you think would be sad that they had to give up their little girl. Quintin though was happy for it. So was Deanna. Their little girl could be picked out by a bronzerider and than taken to the weyr to hopefully impress a dragon.

A bronzerider did find Katasha cute with her big bambi eyes and interesting personality. She even got brought to a bluerider to make sure that she did have to potential. She did and now here she is at the Weyr. Even though it was not as good as her parents had thought.

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Katasha Empty Re: Katasha

Post by Iskiea on Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:59 pm

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