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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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R'gan of Bronze Arrosonth

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Br'tayl Empty Br'tayl

Post by Hesper on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:06 pm

Wingsecond, TORVAL WEYR


AGE: 28
GENDER: male
OCCUPATION: Wingsecond
DRAGON: Bronze Camprith


EYES: light brown
HAIR: dark brown
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6'2", 183 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Toned, muscular, but not beefy
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A small scar running down and to the left from his left eye brow.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Br'tayl is a tall man even for Pern's standards. He likes to hold himself as straight as possible so he can tower most people. His skin is a dark tan olive color that rarely burns in the summer. His smallish, slanted eyes are a light brown color that can almost look amber in certain lights. His lips are thin and long. His face is more square with a strong jaw line and high cheek bones. His brown hair is long and normally pulled into a tight pony tail. Br'tayl is finicky when it comes to his hair, it has to always look good. He has a nice physique that a lot of women swoon over.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Generally darker colors.
FACE CLAIM: if they have one..


    Punctual - Br'tayl hates being late and will arrive early to any and all meetings.
    Systematic - Br'tayl likes to be organized and to have routine in his life.
    Dependable - Br'tayl is the go to guy if something needs to be done and done right.

    Arrogant - Smart, intelligent, good looking, charismatic. Br'tayl certainly thinks he's all these things and isn't afraid to say it either.
    Unsympathetic - Having a bad day? Just need someone to listen? Well Br'tayl could care less about anyone's problems besides his own.
    Ungrateful - Br'tayl believes firmly that all the niceties he has received in life is because he has a right to them. Being thankful for something a person deserves doesn't make sense to him.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Br'tayl is the stereotypical bronzerider of this day and age. He believes that because of his status at the weyr he should be able to do whatever he wants and get whatever he wants. Though he is not the most cruel of bronzeriders, not like some of them anyways. He finds no joy in beating a drudge simply to beat a drudge. Sure if one of them had done some wrong to him and deserve a beating then he is not above giving it. Drudges have to be kept in their place after all and it is his duty to see that done. When it comes to women he sees them as simple play things for his amusement. Female greenriders serve for one purpose and one purpose only. Therefore they deserve only the minimum of acknowledgment. In Br'tayl's mind he believes that all women find him attractive and alluring. So he has no issue with taking a women when he wants to, no matter who they are. He did have some respect for the Weyrwoman before she past, but that was only because of her rank within the weyr. He will also have some respect for the next goldriders, but only because the weyr absolutely needs them.


PARENTS: Father-Brownrider Vr'mat/71, Mother-Unknown drudge
SIBLINGS: Brother-Bluerider L'tiil/33
IMPORTANT FRIENDS: Kl'vir and the Weyrleader
OVERALL HISTORy: Br'tayl was born Brintayl at Torval Weyr. His father didn't really have a lot to do with him since being a brownrider he wanted to stay more on the side of the bronzeriders. Br'tayl never knew who his mother was except that he was the result of a green's mating flight. His father's dragon had chased, but not won, so he took his frustrations out on the closest female available. Which resulted in him being born. He grew up in the creche like most of the other children. He wasn't treated as anything special or as anything bad either. He kept mainly to himself and that seemed to work out better.

Once he turned age 14 he began standing at the hatching since he was officially searched by two search dragons. His biggest fear was impressing a blue or even worse a green. He knew he did not want that and knew he was better than that. So it came as no surprise to him that he did not impress until he was 17 and then it was to a bronze. Now he was even better than his brownrider father.

Since his impression to Camprith Br'tayl has worked hard to be the best bronzerider he can be. He has made a sort of connection with the Weyrleader and his right hand man Kl'vir and has even become a Wingsecond. He knows that once the new golds rises that the Weyrleadership will be up for grabs. Br'tayl secretly hopes that his bronze will be the lucky one to catch the next senior gold, but he's keeping those thoughts to himself.

Br'tayl Camprith


Camprith is a bulk of a fellow. His wide shoulders help support a rather thick neck that, thankfully, is a little longer than average so it doesn't look so chunky. He's not exactly fat, just husky but most of it is muscular. His tail is a bit on the stumpy side and his long neck only serves to make it seem shorter than it really is. His wings are a good size compared to his body, but not overly big. Camprith's hide is a dark bronze with splotches are very light bronze on his rump. His muzzle is also a lighter color.

FINAL SIZE: Camprith measures 25 feet from nose to tail and has a wingspan of 51.1 feet.


WEYRLING: Camprith was a very quiet dragon as a weyrling. He never said much unless it was absolutely needed to say. From the moment his shell cracked it was noticeable how proud of a dragon he was. Especially the way he almost pranced instead of walked. He knew he was the king of the dragons and wanted all to know he knew it. Despite his rather proud and arrogant attitude, he was always friendly. To any and all dragons no matter the color. Though he did see them as 'lower' than himself, he didn't see that at a reason to be mean.

WING/FALL: Camprith is a fierce leader and demands all those under him their absolute attention. If not there will be consequences to pay. Just like he expects those under him to listen to his orders, he just the same listens to the leaders above him without question. He is as good a follower as a leader and can fit both roles perfectly.

FLIGHT: Camprith is a overwhelmingly charismatic chaser. He constantly complements and croons to whatever female he is chasing, be it a green or a gold. He never assumes that he is sure to win a flight, or that he deserves to win a flight. Instead he treats every flight he wins as an honor.

NOTABLE PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS: In some ways Camprith is very much like his rider. He is arrogant, knows that he is of higher quality than the colors under him. However instead of treating them that way, he treats them with kindness and compassion. Something that his rider does not understand. Of course Camprith does not understand how his rider can be so mean sometimes. He can become quite angry, however, if a dragon disobeys him or another ranked dragon. He will let the offending dragon know that in no way was their insubordinate behavior taken lightly or well. For a weyr to run smoothly it must be kept organized with every dragon knowing their place.
MINDVOICE: Low and booming, like thunder


DAM: Linderath [deceased]
SIRE: Arrosonth
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Post by Iskiea on Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:31 pm

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