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Available Females

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Available Females Empty Available Females

Post by Iskiea on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:57 am

Here is the list of Female Characters available here at Torval. If you would like one please reserve them by posting your interest in them here. Remember you have a week to get their profile up or you forfeit your reservation.

Torval Weyr

Greenriders 0/7
Candidates 5/5
Healers 0/3
Weavers 0/9
Kitchen Workers 1/-
Creche Workers 0/-
Headwoman 0/1

Outside the Weyr

Lady Holders 0/2
Healers 0/2
Weavers 0/3
Kitchen Workers 0/-
Foster Women 0/-

*footnote... - stands for unlimited number at the moment.. those positions listed under Candidates; stand alone and are for characters who will never become candidates. The crafts listed are the only ones females can undertake.

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Available Females Empty Re: Available Females

Post by Iskiea on Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:14 pm

*Female Candidates - many are taken by bronze riders posing for search; very few are truly searched by the blue and green search riders. However the bronzeriders aren't above calling in a search rider to check over their find. If the girl doesn't get okayed; she will sometimes still stand based on her looks. If the girl is okayed; then likely chances are she will stand regardless of her looks; because no one wants a queen to between based on some non pretty girl not being able to stand despite being given a nod by a true search rider. Unlike male candidates; female candidates will reside in the quarters of the riders who took them; searched them or merely simply fancy them. They are generally treated as slaves and forced to perform many tasks against their will. On hatching day they will be dropped on the sands near the gold egg. It's unlikely for a girl to stand again if she didn't impress the first time because not every hatching has a gold egg. Though should another gold egg be lain; there are chances that some old candidates may be called upon if they are still young enough and liked enough by the Weyrleader.

*Female Greenriders - treated as the loose skirts of the Weyr; they get little more respect than a lower caverns woman. Sure they will escape the sexual abuse purely because they have a dragon; but it doesn't stop them being treated like dirt or abused when their dragons rise. Most girls will lock themselves away; to protect themselves; and this extends to the lower caverns girls. Of those female greenriders that truly are the promiscuous loose skirts they are nothing but sex dolls for those frustrated male riders of the weyr; they will also have very low standing in a wing during threadfall and some wingleaders will refuse to have them in his wing let alone let them fly.

*Female Crafters - Due to the rather sexist nature; females are only allowed to delve into two crafts. Weaving which is very female dominated and; Healing in which a few strong minded girls will succeed in. They are banned and forbidden from joining the other crafts. There may be a few Harper girls; but they will never break more than an apprentice rank and as such many will not try. Women after all are meant to bear children; raise children and care for the men; not pursue crafts.

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Available Females Empty Re: Available Females

Post by Charm on Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:35 pm

I'd like to reserve a female candidate, pretty please <3

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Available Females Empty Re: Available Females

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