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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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Naming your Characters

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Naming your Characters Empty Naming your Characters

Post by Iskiea on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:08 am

Pern does not have the baby names list, like we do. Please, tone down the names we have here. Occasion, some foreign names are good and they can be fun.

Use name generator, if you wish.

Silly names, V'der, Darth, are not allowed. Please do not whine and pout that the characters cannot be made, because the name fits. I have no idea how many times I have used a name for opposite reason (Bronwynn is one). Name Changing is common for creating characters.

Please respect Admin, about strange, unpronounceable, unless spoken, names. My area has a lot of those, and no, I do not like using them. Excessively long names are not encouraged too. We do not have long names, so please don't use them. Same thing for Dragons, do not make them so strange, that everyone hafta use their nick names, and dragons don't. Please keep it interesting but simple.

Please choose carefully. Similar names, while some may look same, but may sound differently when looked at again, are not to be used frequently. One or two similar names is fine. F'lar, F'nor, and F'lon were all similar (to this admin) but as they are relatives. Please keep non-relatives similar names to minimum.

Other things about characters will be on separate thread.

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