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Total Excitement with a Tinge of Worry

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Total Excitement with a Tinge of Worry Empty Total Excitement with a Tinge of Worry

Post by Hesper on Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:11 pm

Decklan really couldn't believe it, but the truth was right in front of his face. The candidate barracks was proof enough that he, Decklan, the son of a...well a nobody, was going to get to stand for a dragon hatching. He'd already pinched himself a number of times to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Admittedly he did strangely miss the smell of the sea, but he sure as heck did not miss all the work that came with living there. Of course he knew he'd be in for some hard work here at the weyr, but it wasn't the hard part that bothered him. It had been the fishing way of life that had bothered him.

He had already been given a cot with the barest of items needed to live on. Of course the white robe he got was the most precious of his possessions. Those he folded neatly and laid on the top of all his clothes, that they would not get so horribly wrinkled. Decklan didn't know what to expect really, he'd never been to the weyr, never been to a hatching. He knew the stories and the rumors however and a bit about weyr life. For instance he knew when the day of hatching came it was more favorable to impress to bronze than a green. To Decklan though, he honestly didn't care what color impressed to even if society told him otherwise.

He figured the next best thing to do was to meet some of his fellow candidates. Supposedly there was five girl candidates for this clutch since there are two gold eggs on the stands. He doubt he'd get to meet any of them. He had been curious about female candidates and asked about them, but he'd been laughed at to his face for caring about 'such as them'. Apparently the girls didn't stay with the male candidates, which he guessed he could understand why. Without much thought else he began making the place that was to be his home a bit more comfy for the time being.
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Total Excitement with a Tinge of Worry Empty Re: Total Excitement with a Tinge of Worry

Post by Charm on Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:18 pm

"Now, the candidate barracks are right over there, you can go..."

The bluerider trailed off, chuckling. The boy was already gone, dashing in the direction the man pointed, single bag clutched tightly to his chest. Tolly couldn't believe it. At a Weyr at last! Standing for a dragon! It was an opportunity he, like most, had dreamed about, but with all that had happened to him it was just that: a dream. Never had he thought he'd actually be here, in Torval Weyr, waiting for a clutch to hatch so that he could try and Impress.

Shells, he'd never even seen a hatching! Mother and Father had meant to take him, Tasser, and Lirry to one sometime, but...well...it never happened. And Teriesa had just stared at him when he'd suggested it. He still remembered her words. "See a Hatching? Why? What use is there in watching babies being birthed?" When he'd tried to protest, she'd shaken her head, stating that "They'll hatch and Impress whether we see it or not, and I choose not." His foster mother was a strange one when it came to dragons - she almost seemed resentful of their presence, though Tolly could never glean why.

And the twins certainly didn't share his dream, or, at least, Sass didn't. She openly scorned him the one time he'd mentioned the possibility of him Impressing. Ferren seemed to cradle some secret desire, but was far too cowed by his mother and sister to dare mention it. So the end was that Tolly had never seen a dragon hatch - never even been to the Weyr!

To think it! It meant that Journeyman Cessil would not be having his assistance in the Hold, true, but what a tiny thing! He could handle it well on his own, the man had promised, and who in their right minds would choose something like that over being a dragon candidate? Not Tolly. He was going to be a dragonrider. To what color? Of course he held the secret desire for a high color, for power, but, oh, he would not let that be his goal! His goal was to Impress, and that was it - to any color!

The diminutive teenager skidded to a halt once he reached the barracks, looking around. A common area, and plenty of private rooms. The doors were all closed, so he had no way of knowing which were occupied and which weren't. All right then! Only one way to choose. He might just stumble on an occupant, but hey, that was no embarrassment to Tolly. It was all good; if he found an empty room, it'd be his, and if not, he could meet someone else and make a friend - or an enemy, he wasn't too picky. Both kinds were fun.

The boy picked a door at random and opened it. Inside was a boy, probably around his age, with brown hair and a lot more height than Tolly. Eh, he was used to it. "Oh, hey," the new candidate greeted cheerfully, sounding quite unabashed to have barged into someone else's room. "Just looking for an empty room." The boy made no move to leave, however, instead leaning against the doorframe. "Name's Tolly, what's yours?"

[I'm assuming the door's closed, Hesper, if I'm wrong tell me and I'll edit.]

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