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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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Safiya Empty Safiya

Post by Iskiea on Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:24 am

Candidate, TORVAL WEYR
Safiya 011806rossum


NICKNAMES: Saffy; Fiya, Fifi[by her brothers]
AGE: 16
GENDER: Female
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bisexual [though she firmly will tell you she is heterosexual]


EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’6”; 134lbs
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Safiya is of slender; delicate lines; a feminine face and neatly curled brown hair frame her face. She takes care to make sure she is looking her best every day lest she refuse to even interact with people. Always in expensive dresses; Safiya refuses to wear shorts. She lacks the knowledge of how to swim due to her refusal to wear bathers. After all her servants always accompany her into the baths and wash her and take care of her. Unable to do anything for herself Safiya is completely dependent on everyone around her. Her wide brown eyes and long lashes make it easy for her to get the attention of the men she desires. Despite this though Safiya is still a virgin and the only people who have seen her naked are those members of her family who have tended to her.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Expensive and richly dyed dresses with lavish embroidery; she won’t accept anything less than the best.
FACE CLAIM: Emmy Rossum


    Strong-willed - Safiya isn’t a girl to give up easily on something she wants and will pursue it till she gets it. This can be both a good and bad trait for her.
    Passionate - Safiya is passionate about becoming a queen rider; whilst it is misguided passion she shows commitment to her chosen path; even though it’s the dragons who wants her that will dictate what she becomes.
    Single-minded - When Safiya wants something or has to do something to get something she is incredibly single minded. She will devote ever ounce of her to that one task; even though she won’t always succeed with what she has chosen to do.

    Vain - Looks and image mean everything to her; she will not allow herself to be seen if she isn’t fully dressed and feeling completely presentable. If she isn’t feeling it she won’t let anyone see her; she also prefers more expensive clothing and gets very upset if someone ruins them.
    Naive - Safiya doesn’t have a very good understanding of the world beyond herself and her own selfish wants and desires. Thus she often will believe what people tell her; as she she is convinced she will become a queen rider.
    Conceited - Arrogant; Airy and out of reach; Safiya will only consort with those of rank. She isn’t like the other girls after all; she is special. Thus she views everyone as below her and only those bronzeriders who spoil her as those who she deserves to be nice to.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Easily swayed to believe the opinions of those around her; Safiya has been blindly lead to believe that she will impress gold; and that it doesn’t matter that the dragon chooses because she will be a queen rider. Her naive attitude has her easily believing this and will often have her in the middle of arguments with those she finds beneath her. She is conceited and has no issues ordering everyone else around. She is spoilt and has always gotten her own why; so why should life be any different for her now. Looks are everything to her and she is incredibly shallow when it comes to judging people. She is also very single-minded and one task orientated leaving her to often leave work for others to do because it will take so much effort for her to do one small task.


PARENTS: Aureon; Lord Holder of Tallor Hold
Vispa; Lady Holder of Tallor Hold.
SIBLINGS: Ausper; 22, Heir to Tallor; Brother
Sperren; 20, Brother
Vespen; 18, Brother
OTHER FAMILY: a few aunts and uncles and cousins.
OVERALL HISTORY: Safiya was the gem of her parents eyes; from the moment she was born; their very first girl after 3 boys; Safiya was loved. She was spoilt and doted upon by everyone; leaving her to believe she could always get what she wanted which she always did. She was given the bare minimum of lessons; enough that she could read; write and figure well enough but never much more. A woman didn’t need to be educated so after all. Being a Lord Holders daughter Safiya was doted on and greatly cherish; even more so considering that her father was a very close friend to R’gan the Weyrleader or Torval Weyr. By being in such good relations; they had no qualms in handing their 16 turn old daughter to a bronze rider who came on search; after all he said she would be a queenrider and who were they to deprive a sweet little gold of their daughter, especially since they knew that Torval had no living Weyrwoman. Their daughter would be loved and spoilt by everyone then if she was a queenrider; thus her equally vain and naive parents eagerly let her go into the bronzeriders care. Never officially searched; in fact was turned down by a blue search dragon, Safiya continues to believe that she will impress gold; despite the fact she is allowed to stand merely based upon her looks.

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