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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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R'gan of Bronze Arrosonth

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Kl'vir Empty Kl'vir

Post by Araceli on Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:11 pm

Wingleader, TORVAL WEYR


AGE: 33
OCCUPATION: Wingleader
DRAGON: Avrath


EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6'1", 170lbs
BODY TYPE: Muscular
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: His finely made clothes.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Kl'vir is a tall man of over six foot, his black hair is kept short, roughly cut and wild. He's a man with broad shoulders, and makes an imposing figure with his height, darkly tanned skin and muscle mass. His eyes are of the darkest brown, almost black in the colour and holding an arrogant almost noble glint to them. He wears fine shirts and pants, and his boots are of a high quality the highest quality he can find and afford. Kl'vir is not a man who skimps on his appearance, he's handsome, and seemingly untouchable to those women of the lower caverns. He carries himself with arrogance, and the air of a bronze ride.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Finely made and expensive clothing in various shades and materials. He prides himself on his appearance and never looks scrappy.


    Resourceful - K'lvir is a resourceful man; he can find ways to get what he wants with little effort involved on his part. He is cunning and clever at collecting information; all of which make him a very resourceful man.
    Intelligent - He is among the most intelligent of the Weyr. Though his intelligence doesn't so much lie in smarts; but in his ability to accurately judge situations and act appropriately. Or at least his view of appropriate. His intelligence combined with his resourcefulness make him a powerful man.
    Self-Confident - Though this can be seen as a downside; it is also an upside as Kl'vir has a massive amount of confidence in himself. Nothing can seem to break his conceited and confident pride. He believes in himself fully; and no one can change that.

    Conceited - Arrogant to a fault; Kl'vir sees himself as superior to all. Only one man being able to give him orders; The Weyrleader. The only man in the Whole Weyr he trusts other than himself. Though much history and a strong brotherhood they forged together may be a factor.
    Vain - Appearances are everything to him; if he is not looking his utmost best he is liable to be snappy, rude and even shorter than normal with people. He will always dress his best and will judge you highly on your appearances.
    Proud - Pride in himself goes beyond mere high esteem and self worth and into the catagorey of arrogant. Believing himself to be better than anyone else; he will not take kindly to insults or blows at his ego. This is particularly likely to spark a nasty reaction from him.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Kl'vir is a vain man, not only is he vain, but he is arrogant, rude and carries himself with the attitude of a supposed proper bronze rider. He cares for no one but himself and Avrath his bronze, he passes off those lower caverns workers, and believes all green riders to be loose skirts, earning no respect from this bronze rider. The blue riders don't merit much from him either, though the occasional Brown rider may catch his eye and earn a little respect but not the respect he gives those other Bronze riders like him or the Gold riders. He takes what he believes is his, without much care for the consequences, but the moment someone comes to him with a problem (especially those troublesome women of the lower caverns claiming he's the father of their child) that he up and takes them between if it's that problem, or just brushes them off.

He doesn't want their emotional problems dumped on him, if they can't handle it well then they shouldn't be riders, let alone working in a Weyr. Emotions do not belong in a Weyr or so Kl'vir believes being the scheming manipulating, and incredibly power hungry traditionalist bronze rider he is. He schemes and manipulates his way into positions of worth and power, his only goal is to become Weyrleader, and he believes he'll succeed one day. However as it is R'gan who is in leadership; those very plans are put on hold till the leadership is due to change.


PARENTS: K'lan; Bronzerider, Torval Weyr [deceased]
Mother unknown greenrider
IMPORTANT FRIENDS: R'gan; Weyrleader of Torval Weyr
OVERALL HISTORY: Kl'vir born Klanavir, was the flight baby of a green rider who's green was caught by a bronze. His mother died in birth and he was never told that he was the son of a greenrider, only knowing who his father was. As he grew older his father occasional visited him, not to gift him with anything but to check if the boy had any green tendencies or any of his green mother's weak and slight form, his father slowly accepted him when it started to become clear he took after the Bronzer.

At 12 turns he began standing and in his first hatching, impressed the first dragon to hatch a sturdy bronze. It was on that day he was acknowledged by his father as being the Bronzer's son. After all it wouldn't do for a Bronze rider with such rank as his father had to have a son impress a brown or blue, let alone a green. Soon as he graduated, his father began to teach him what it was to be a Bronze rider of Torval Weyr. Soon as he joined a fighting wing, four turns after impression, his father taught him other skills, skills of manipulation, and power playing.

It all worked as Kl'vir not caring much for his father, only thanking the old man once for acknowledging him, and giving him the knowledge he has, surpassed the old man in rank. Making the Bronze rider furious at his son, however his attempt to de rank his son and bring him down some knots failed and he and his dragon perished between.

Kl'vir earnt his reputation quickly and was the one women swooned over, and would clamor for attentions from. However he also gain another reputation for being obessive with his women; especially after the arrival of a pretty young thing to the infirmary and also being violent with them to the point where he would forcibly take them between if they told him they were pregnant. To this day Kl'vir has no living child in the Weyr; for that he is proud of.

That healer girl; Imara remains firm in his obession to own her and has been for the past 3 years since her arrival at Torval. After the devestating blow of loosing their Queen; and the laying of two gold eggs on the sands; she was searched by one of those useless blue riders. Oh now the plot begins to thicken for him. Since her searching he watches her more carefully; especially after the taste of her he got thanks to the seniors last flight. Oh it was sweet and he wants more of her; and for her to be only his.



Avrath is a large, regal looking bronze, even tone of a pure bronze colour, perfect proportions, and arrogance to match. Avrath was born with his colour rank firmly implanted in his mind, he knows how much better than a blue or a brown he is. He knows that the Golds are only there for him, and that the greens are the occasional quick fix for his rider. He shares the same arrogance, as his rider, though less vain about his looks, he will order others to bath him, and oil him if his is busy. After all what good are Lower Caverns staff if not to be ordered around to do things.

FINAL SIZE: Avrath measures 37 feet from nose to tail and has a wingspan of 50 feet.


WEYRLING: Arrogant; Vain and Colourist. Avrath knew who he was better than and will always know who he is better than. No one could be better than him as a Weyrling. He was especially frustrated at the accomplishments of some of the pathetic blues and greens when he had great trouble doing what they were doing.

WING/FALL: A leader through and through despite his conceited nature. He is not afraid to bark out orders to those around him; however during fall he is also not afraid to get dirty or get into it. After all he was made to be the hero and do this.

FLIGHT: He will be dominating and stong; a smothering force in a flight one could say. He will win and he will show you that he will win and nothing will be able to stop him and that is that. Whilst the greens are unworthy they are good sport and practice; as much as the rest of it irks his rider.

MINDVOICE: Strong; overbearing and very demanding. It is often sharp; leaving a stinging sensation in your mind after he orders you to do something.


DAM: Gold Linderath [deceased]
SIRE: Bronze Maustath [deceased]

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Post by Iskiea on Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:12 am

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