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Ancelin Empty Ancelin

Post by Araceli on Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:33 pm

Candidate, TORVAL WEYR


NICKNAMES: Ancel, celi
AGE: 16


EYES: Grey
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT & WEIGHT:5’5” and 135 lbs
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Ancelin is rather slender and lanky looking boy. His hair is raven black and goes past his chin, his bangs are swept over his left eye which covers part of the scar on his cheek. He lacks the physical muscle many have at his age, but he is quite strong even though he doesn’t look it.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Ancelin usually will wear lighter if not dull colors. He likes to wear long sleeved shirts that button up and usually just regular work pants that he doesn’t mind to get dirty. He really doesn’t care much for what he wears as long as it fits well and doesn’t get in the way. He only wears short sleeved shirts when it’s too hot out to wear anything but short sleeves and rarely is seen without a shirt on.


    Friendly - Ancelin is a rather socialable boy who smiles and talks to everyone. He usually will greet everyone with a smile or a compliment. He rarely scowls at people when he meets them.
    Level-headed - Ancelin rarely looses his temper or can be see yelling at someone. He usually talks with a calm patience that can be quite irritating to deal with. He can be rather sensible and will never jump into anything blindly.
    Peaceful - His calm attitude can stir even the smallest tempers with people. He doesn’t react in violence or anger when people are getting mad at him or upset about something. When confronted with violence he never will fight back and merely will take a beating if he can’t get the person to calm down. He won’t fight back seeing that violence is rather useless and gets people no where.

    Pride - Ancelin has a pride that usually stops him from doing things. When he’s getting beaten up and refusing to fight back he’ll never cry out even if that’s what they want him to do. He refuses to give someone the satisfaction of seeing him cry or scream out in pain. Even if someone was breaking his arm he’d hold it all in until he no longer could. He doesn’t like to admit he’s wrong either, pride doesn’t permit him such things.
    Submissive - Ancelin isn’t one to usually argue with someone. His pride may stop him from letting people say that he’s wrong but when someone pushes him around or is pressuring him to do something then he’ll give in without a fight. While he is peaceful he will only go so long before backing himself into a corner and giving up. He isn’t a coward, but he really doesn’t stick up much for himself or for others.
    Opinionated - Ancelin is someone that has an opinion and uses it. He often or not will get himself in trouble for what he says, lacking the tactful way to put his ideas in a nice way. He rarely sugar-coats what he thinks of someone unless they’re a friend. He sees no reason why he shouldn’t be able to say his opinion. He was given a mouth and words, so why waste it by remaining silent?

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Ancelin is a very friendly and kind boy. He isn’t one to take a friendship for granted and will always be very loyal to his friends and family. He may not be the strongest or even the bravest, but he will always tell his friends the truth and always keep their secrets safe. He’s someone who will take a secret to the grave even if it’s a small secret. He is observant about things, he doesn’t always pay attention to little things about his surroundings, but he does pay a good amount of attention to those he’s talking to. He’s rather careless when it comes to what he says, he may be very friendly and nice to his friends, but he will carelessly say what he believes without thinking about it. Most of the time he won’t take back what he said either. He sometimes can be quite arrogant, believing himself to be right and not listening the opinions of others, when he finds out he’s wrong though it does hurt him deeply and his pride does not usually permit him to say that he is wrong even if the evidence is clear. He might not be very tactful with his words, and often will insert his opinion when it clearly is not a good idea. Though he gets himself into trouble often, he still never resorts to violence to save his own skin and more than often just submits to beating beaten black and blue and taking whatever punishment given to him.


PARENTS: Ciel(mother, farmer), Anorin(father, farmer)
SIBLINGS: Corinal – brother, 23. Elorin – sister, 19
OTHER FAMILY: Emilis – married to Corinal, 20. Danzer – married to Elorin, 26.
OVERALL HISTORY: Ancelin was born into a family of farmers who lived near a hold. He was the last child to be born into the family and the second son. There was a rather large difference of age between him and his other brother so he often was stuck playing with his sister when he was little since there was only a three year difference between them. Since he had to spend most of his time with his sister he learned respect towards females since he learned more than once that his sister could beat him up when she didn’t get her way and that when it came to making plans and schemes they were equal in mindset. When he was ten turns old his brother married a girl from a neighboring farm and left to go live in the hold that was nearby with his wife. Ancelin didn’t mind the fact that his brother was gone such much as he did when his parents gave away Elorin’s hand in marriage for more farming land. He was only thirteen turns old when his sister had to leave to go marry and he was always upset that he lost a friend and sibling because of greed. Ancelin sullenly worked on the farm, figuring that he would probably live and grow up as a farm boy until a searchdragon came to the farm one day. The neighbors had seen the rider and brought their children over, his mother was reluctant to present her last son to the rider, but his father proudly showed the rider his son in hope if having him chosen. The rider looked over the small handful of children presented to him. He chose Ancelin and a younger boy to be taken to Torval Weyr were a clutch had been laid though the queen was dead by the time. Ancelin and the other boy were soon taken to Torval weyr and started their new life as candidates.

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Post by Iskiea on Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:12 pm

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