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The weather is scorching hot; whilst there are clear skies a dry hot wind rushes across the sandy desert landscape. Maximum day temperatures reach 121°F (49°C) and minimum day temperatures will be 102°F (38°C). However when night falls the desert will chill quite significantly. Keep Hydrated people; this summer is going to be a scorcher.


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Lysandra Empty Lysandra

Post by Araceli on Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:38 pm

Greenrider, Torval Weyr


NICKNAMES: Ly, Sandra(she really doesn’t care for this name, and doesn’t answer it either), tunnelsnake(she’s a greenrider who has a bite that doesn’t match the appearance)
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Greenrider
DRAGON: Pereduth


EYES: Frost blue
HAIR: Dirty blonde
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’4” and 133 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Average
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Her frost blue eyes and dirty blonde long hair
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Lysandra is overly average when it comes to her height, weight and most of her appearance. She maintains a healthy figure by exercise and constant hours of making sure she’s fit. Her hair is long and has a natural wavy and curly nice that Lysandra is quite proud of. She likes to keep her appearance well and makes sure her hair has a healthy shine to it. Her eyes are bright and always seem have a soft and friendly look them when she’s talking.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Lysandra loves to wear the softer and lighter colors clothes. She loves clothes that are soft to the touch and often or not are just comfortable to wear against the skin. She rarely if ever wears skirts or dresses anymore after becoming a greenrider in fear of what will happen if she does. She likes to wear love sleeved shirts, though she more than often will wear short sleeved and tunics, she always has a belt knife with her.


    Bold - Lysandra is very brave considering the position she holds in the weyr. She doesn’t plan on being anyone’s loose skirt and will go down with a fight when someone comes looking to use her to suit their own needs and lust. She speaks her mind even in the company of a bronzerider and will not back down when faced with an aggressive and larger opponent. She will stand up for others; whether it be family, friends, female candidates, or other greenriders she will not allow them to get hurt or used in the way some of the riders see fit.
    Kindhearted - Lysandra is very kindhearted and sweet. She is a girl that will put friend’s needs before hers without a second thought. She wants nothing more than to make others feel good and be happy before she cares about herself. She gives off a warm and inviting attitude towards new people she meets which sometimes isn’t a good idea considering the riders in Torval weyr and how women and greenriders are treated.
    Loyal - Lysandra is very loyal to her friends. She will give her life for a friend and for family. She will fight to the bitter end for them and for her dragon. She never will betray a friend’s trust and will always be the loyal friend that is there when needed. She will fight till her last breath for those who see considers a friend even if they aren’t the closest.

    Impatient - Lysandra hates to wait for things. She can’t stand knowing something is going to happen, but still having to wait for it until it happens. She isn’t someone who likes knowing there is going to be a surprise because it drives her nuts not knowing the surprise is at all and still having to wait for it. She just is someone you don’t want to make wait because she will pester you until you tell her exactly what will happen.
    Headstrong - Lysandra is a very determined young woman. She will charge ahead without stopping, she is someone who will not stop till she is able to do what she needs to do or wants to do. She is very willful, she will not stand to the side and turn her head away while something happens. She’s someone to jump into a situation and not stop till it’s resolved.
    Stubborn - Lysandra is very stubborn. She will not back down from something. She can be quite persistent in this way, she will not simple tell someone they are right. She will argue her side till she is either completely proven wrong or until she has one. She isn’t one to roll over and play dead.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Lysandra is someone you either love or you wish you never met. She is someone who will go down fighting for her life or for a friend’s making her a very loyal friend. If you’re looking for an easy loose skirt to catch down in the lower caverns or around you’re going to have a rather unpleasant surprise as she proves that she’s not going to just look the other way as they do what they want. She is someone who is very stubborn and will not stop no matter what. Though she bristles at the thought of being used as nothing more for a relief of lust and pleasure, she is very kind to people when you first meet her and if you treat her kindly and with respect. Lysandra is rather bitter towards bronzeriders and treats them with mock respect which is obvious how much she values her company, though there always is the rare bronzerider who is kind and she’ll usually treat those ones with genuine respect and kindness until they prove themselves to be nothing more than another arrogant and dirty bronzeriders. She treats many people with higher ranks and positions with forced respect, if she had the choice she’d ignore them but she still treats them with wariness and respect until they do something she doesn’t like, then she becomes a snarling and bristling greenrider who knows her rights to her own body and isn’t afraid to offend them. Lysandra isn’t one for much flirting, but she is rather sweet towards everyone and will sometimes flirt with someone if she really likes them. Lysandra isn’t innocent minded nor is she a prude, but she is cautious and not one to be very revealing with her body. She is very proud of her appearance and generally shows it in the way she dresses and how well she keeps her hair and her body.


PARENTS: Sandra (mother, kitchen worker, deceased), Y’lan(father, bronzerider)
OTHER FAMILY: Krishna (aunt), Old Kranshen (foster mother)
OVERALL HISTORY: Lysandra was the result of a bronzerider loosing a queen flight and taking his pent up lust out on a kitchen worker instead of a greenrider or female candidate. Lysandra grew up in Torval Weyr not ever actually meeting the man, though she knew his face and his name. Lysandra was considered nothing more that a weyrbrat and more often then not was working in the kitchens or any other place that she was needed. She was treated with less respect then a candidate or a greenrider and was pushed around a lot when she was little. Her mother seemed to be bitter towards the riders, especially bronzeriders and she passed this on to her daughter though the girl was more curious and fearful of the riders then anything else. When Lysandra was just barely ten turns old her mother passed away, many said it was from the stress of her work, but others said that her daughter was the reason why. Lysandra was devastated and was transferred to the care of a old woman who had been a foster mother to many children born from flights. The woman was strike and unloving causing the girl to feel even more alone in the weyr then she had felt before. Though the girl spent most of her time working in the kitchens and wherever she was needed she couldn’t help but dream about perhaps impressing one of the great dragons. She watched many hatchings and was able to see friends she had made go on to be candidates and soon riders. She met a young boy who was a turn younger then her but had come to the weyr as a candidate. She watched the boy impress in that turn and go on to be a weyrling with his blue. When she was nineteen turns old a clutch was laid, Lysandra wishing to at least see the clutch snuck into the stands while she should've been helping prepare for the hatching banquet. A small green tumbled from an egg and pranced happily towards her. Lysandra impressed Pereduth and soon moved on to becoming a weyrling, though her life didn’t get any better from the life she had before she was a rider. Though she now had a dragon to talk to and to understand her, she was looked down upon and treated like nothing more than a pleasurable toy during mating flights. She was left alone during her weyrlinghood because of how fragile the young dragon’s mind could be, but as soon as they graduated to riders men started to take notice in the pretty young female. Lysandra refused to be the pretty little loose skirt for these men and would more than often be beaten for her disobedience to a bronzerider’s lust. Lysandra has been with her dragon for two turns and always hates when her green rises knowing how bad it will be for her and her dragon.

Lysandra Pereduth8129790596-iaza


Pereduth is a rather unique dragon and one you certainly will never miss. She is probably the brightest colored green at the weyr and certainly one of the smallest. Her hide is a bright chartreuse green that isn’t broken by any scars or markings. Her body is lithe and graceful and proportional. She was made to be agile in the air.

FINAL SIZE: Pereduth stands at a small size of 13 feet from nose to tail, being one of the smaller greens. Her wing size is 20 feet.


WEYRLING: As a weyrling Pereduth was a very happy dragon. She was extremely energetic and always seemed to look on the bright side of things even if she was the smallest and nothing more than a green. She was determined to prove that she was one of the greatest dragons and knew that her rider would help to someday become the greatest pair in the weyr.

WING/FALL: During fall Pereduth tones down her happy bubbly optimism and replaces it with a more calm and helpful attitude. She knows she can flame thread and is determined to stop as many strands of thread she came. Her agile and lithe body makes it easier for her to dart around flaming thread, but she still tires quickly her body unable to endure being in the air for an entire threadfall, causing her to have to land to take a break before launching herself back into the air, determined to take out as much thread as she can.

FLIGHT: When Pereduth isn’t bound to the responsibility of looking out for thread or for wingmates, she becomes completely different. She’s happy and bubbly like usually. She seems more relaxed and more playful in the air, pointing out things that you usually wouldn’t notice, like the shape of clouds and what she could see moving down below. She feels more free when she’s up in the air

NOTABLE PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS: Pereduth is dragon with a rather sunny disposition and something to prove. She sees the good in everything and everyone and has an almost annoying optimistic attitude. She is very determined and will always volunteer to do things, just to try and prove herself and her rider worthy of notice and respect.
MINDVOICE: Very much like her rider’s, Pereduth sounds like a cheerful almost bubbly version of Lysandra. Her voice often is excited and breathless as she chatters happily to people. She isn’t one to talk someone to death, but she does certainly like to talk to people.


DAM: Gold Lorenaith (deceased)
SIRE: Bronze Arrosonth

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Lysandra Empty Re: Lysandra

Post by Iskiea on Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:10 pm

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